10 Advantages in Auto Trading Binary Options
Srdan Sore
If you are trading with binary options, you already know there are a lot of rules that you have to follow in order to have positive results. These rules are not so important in case you have decided to trade with some binary robot that will trade on your behalf. Advantages in binary auto trading... Read more
If you are trading with binary options, you already know there are a lot of rules that you have to follow in order to have positive results. These rules are not so important in case you have decided to trade with some binary robot that will trade on your behalf. Advantages in binary auto trading are numerous and in this article, we will point out biggest ten advantages of auto trading: You don’t need to be careful about trading psychology. Since you are trading with the Robot, your ratio is not so important. We all know that humans are all but rational, especially when it comes to decisions that are connected with your emotions. Automated trading lets you feel free and fearless because your automated robot will trade strictly by following strategies and it will not be accommodated by feelings because it has no feelings. Planning of your risk exposure is handled by robots Automated binary robots are following the first rule, they think rationally, and they can avoid risks that can affect your trading results. We are sure that trading robots can handle portfolios that are under high risk trades.   Trends are automatically tracked by robots Robots are using various trends that are present on financial markets. They are using fundamental trends that last longer and help with clear predictions when volatility ensues. Robots are also familiar with technical methods which are short term and they require active approach. Binary auto trading lets you trade without experience While real binary options trading requires many years of experience and good control over your strategy, auto trading lets you avoid those rules and let robots trade for you. That doesn’t mean you don’t need to educate yourself about strategies, technical or fundamental analysis, because once you will be ready to continue trading without the need of trading robot. It is important for you to gather information from brokers, and create your own logic. Robots have recognized point of entry by exiting on time If you trade manually you have to be good with fundamental indicators because they will be your signal for future movement of prices. This is very important for manual trading, but when it comes to automated trading, traders don’t need to worry about knowing fundamental or technical analysis. Stressful moments are reduced Automated trading removes a lot of stressful moments that are integrated into a manual trading process. While manual trading involves riding through trends that are in the fields of volatile environment, automated trading has a totally different approach where traders are segregated from such trends. Traders that use binary robots just need to make a decision which broker they are going to trade and make first deposit investment. Automated robots such as Binary Options Robot have successful risk management and they follow patience as this brings most of the wins. Stop Loss saves your investments This option is available with Binary Options Robot and it helps you overcome your greed by limiting your daily winning trade. With this helpful feature, you will be able to determine the amount of money that you are willing to invest during one trading day. This feature helps you control your investments and protects your trading capital. Traders that are trading manually can experience significant downfalls in their capital accounts since this feature is only available with binary auto trading. Binary Options Robot lets you choose your own daily limit amount. You can also turn off this feature and trade without any limitations. This feature helps in long term trading success even if you think that it is limiting your trading in short term period. After it reaches a certain amount, Robot will stop trading and wait for your next move. You don’t need to invest big amounts of money Auto binary trading works with all kind of amounts and it doesn’t force you to invest big amounts of money. Auto trading educates you how to become patient trader which means it is not mandatory to deposit more than minimum deposit amount. So, if you invest minimum deposit amount, your Robot will probably be able to manage somewhere about 8 trades which is more that satisfying.   You can trade with more assets When you trade manually, usually you have to focus on one certain asset and track its portfolio in order to successfully predict its trend. But, when you are trading with Binary Options Robot, you can leave this analysis to your trading strategies that are doing this job for you. Trading strategies are based on computer algorithms that generate trading binary signals.  While some traders trade only with few assets because they are certain they are most balanced, Binary Options Robot manages to trade with more than 50 different assets. Traders can decide if they want to trade with all or just certain assets from the list. Auto trading manages limits of your financial exposure Auto trading is simple, even though the risk is always present. More you invest, more you can get. This rule applies both to manual or auto binary trading. We recommend never to invest all you have on your account since this kills the fun of binary trading. Also, binary trading is a great way of additional investment, but if one can not afford to trade with funds, it is better to save your money for something else.