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Auto trading can be considered the next big step in binary options trading. Auto trading allows traders a completely different approach towards trading, thanks to special software and programs that are placing trades according to generated signals. Thanks to robots, traders can start binary options trading.

Instead of executing demanding market analysis, traders can use auto trading robots to do it for them. Of course, it is of crucial importance to find a good robot. is reviewing robots that can be considered safe and reliable due to the reviews and overall trading experience. Such robots can be found in the table below.


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What is Auto Trading?

Auto trading sounds amazing but what is it really? In order to understand it, traders should know that financial markets are moving fast, and in order to trade successfully, they have to notice a trend and take their chance in trading. Market analysis requires a lot of time, knowledge and patience. Traders also have to be ready to execute a trade on the trading platform.

Auto trading, also known as robot trading or algorithm trading, allows traders to place trades faster. Auto trading software are mostly based on signals and are executing trades according to traders’ preferences. Some of the robots who claim to be the best auto trading software, like Binary Options Robot, have several customization possibilities that allow traders to personalize their trading style, even when using a robot. Traders should also learn about algorithmic trading, binary options and financial markets to make their portfolio more reliable.

How Are Auto Trading Signals Generated?

As already mentioned, auto trading is based on signals. Signals can be defined as nonobligatory recommendations on how to trade, as they contain asset, price movement and time when it should be traded.

When it comes to auto trading signals, they are generated by software used for trading. The software is scanning the market and trying to find the right trading opportunities.

Of course, traders have their own preferences, and sometimes they prefer manual trading with signals generated by more advanced traders. Computer auto trading signals can be very reliable and precise, but they lack the human touch present in signals generated by market experts. However, the overall trend is that more and more traders opt for software generated signals, as they reduce human errors.

All advice and recommendations available on are provided in good will and traders use them at their own risk. We do not guarantee profits or bear any responsibilities regarding trading results achieved by using these informations. 

How Do Auto Trading Algorithms Work?

Auto trading algorithms are, just like any other algorithm, mostly based different calculations. In the case of auto trading, they are used for scanning the market and finding potentially profitable trading opportunities. This means that traders get delivered signals, obtaining important information for placing trades.

binary-options-robot-dashboardSome algorithms not only scan the market movements but take traders’ wishes into consideration, all depending on the customization possibilities the robot offers. For example, the robot can place 60-second trades for USDEUR currency pair by using medium risk level, if he wishes to do so.

In many cases, the more sophisticated and advanced the algorithm, the better customization settings will robot offer, and the trader will have more personalization possibilities.

Binary Options Auto Trading Robot Downloads

Many traders are wondering whether or not they will have to download any programs in order to start auto trading. Luckily, modern-day robots are usually completely web based. Popular robots, like Binary Options Robot, can be accessed from a browser at any time.

This means that traders will be able to access their auto trading account as long as they remember their username and password as they are not depending on one computer. Also, they don’t have to worry about different updates and having a compatible computer. All traders must have is a reliable internet connection.

How Much Does Binary Options Auto Trading Cost?

There are many auto trading software including Binary Options Robot that are completely free of charge! This means that all traders who want to do so can easily try auto trading.

Binary options auto trading software is a great solution for advanced traders as well, as they can utilize the knowledge and principles of software trading for their own profit, while taking precautious measures. However, traders must make a deposit with the broker in order to start trading, but the best robots never charge any additional fees for using the software.

What Is Auto Trading Success Rate?

Success rate depends not only on the robot but also from strategy selected (if offered) and broker chosen from the list. Also, all customization possibilities and their settings can affect success rate, just like trader’s knowledge and attitude towards risk management.

0066_robot_toon_character-34-102x150_blueAuto trading robots claim that by using this service, traders can achieve better trading results.

According to them, beginners, who lack knowledge and experience in binary options trading will definitely benefit when trading with reliable binary options robots, just like binary trading professionals who will significantly increase their success rate.

Robots claim that this type of trading is more precise than manual trading and eliminates many mistakes that are frequent among traders. Trading robots don’t have emotions, so they never force trades or feel the lack of self-confidence. Also, robots usually take all factors into consideration and don’t neglect any aspect of trading.

Do I need to Be Online To Auto Trade?

Different auto trading robots have different features. Some of them are promising that traders can trade even when they are offline, but, it is good to trade only with binary robots support trading only when the trader is online.

This helps traders to follow the trades and gives the opportunity of turning auto trading off at any moment. Thanks to this feature, traders can manage their portfolio and money as they like.

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