Greece Awaits for A Big Moment

Greece Awaits for A Big Moment

Taking into account the ongoing negotiations between Greece and its creditors, then trading in the week that ended on last Friday was fairly difficult. The perfect example comes from the EURUSD currency pair as from the 23rd and 26th of June it moved in an almost straight horizontal line, making it very difficult to pick the right… Read more

Binary Options Robot Demo account

n Binary Options Robot is highly appreciated auto trading software for binary options trading. Let’s point out that the Binary Options Robot is completely free auto trading software available to traders around the world. Still, Binary Options Robot isn’t accepting traders from the USA at the moment. It offers the opportunity to trade with the many… Read more

How can I track my results?

The Binary Options Robot is a revolutionary platform that trades binary options instead of trader himself. In order to be successful, the Robot works in symbiosis with professional signal providers that generate trading signals. Most of the trading signals are being charged for by other trading software, but the Binary Options Robot provide those signals… Read more