US GDP Revised Higher

US GDP Revised Higher

US GDP was released and while the 2nd quarter GDP (Gross Domestic Product) saw a lower than expected release of 2.3% when compared with a forecasted value of 2.5%, the US dollar still traded higher on the news. The reason for that comes from the fact that the first quarter GDP was revised higher into the… Read more

GBP Weakness Within JPY Popularity

The pound has been hit hard last week, but it is too early to refer it to the losers. In tandem with the euro it depreciated to 0.7075 pence after the impressive growth the previous week. In tandem with the US dollar, currency fell to 1.5505.“> Traders Expect Upward Retracing of GBP In tandem with… Read more

EUR Did Not Grow Up Last Week

The euro has shown a downward weekly trend. Investors’ concerns, not fully confident in the final resolution of the current problems became the main reason for this favorable market response at first glance the news about the decision of the Greek issue and the country’s future place in the European Union. Despite the unity exhibited… Read more