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ECB Stimulus Measures

European Central Bank (ECB) is waiting no time in letting the market know that it is going to extend its current bond buying program and, on top of that, it will cut interest rates further into the negative territory. These are clearly being viewed as more stimulus measures and the whole market is pricing in… Read more

Bullish Attempts in EUR Favors EURUSD Falling

This week, the US dollar is likely to trade in a corridor across the market, waiting for the meetings of the ECB and the Fed. In the coming days we do not expect drastic changes in the mood of investors because of the relatively small array of expected economic data, as well as the celebration… Read more

ECB December Meeting

We still maintain our bearish view on the euro against the background of the expected increase in monetary policy differences, which should lead to a weakening of the single currency. In the long term, up to the ECB December meeting, markets likely will focus on comments to be made by the central banks. Previously, we have… Read more