The Era of Low Rates Ended

The Era of Low Rates Ended

We maintain our positive view on the US dollar. At the end of the year, US dollar will show strength against the low-yielding currencies such as the euro and pound. But our basic view implies a manifestation of the US dollar strength against the currencies of countries with emerging economies. Commodity prices will remain soft,… Read more

Market Expectactions For The Christmas Week

Christmas week is here and markets were – are still consolidating and most likely this is going to be the name of the game for the rest of the week. The economic calendar is not having important news releases but nevertheless the Canadian GDP and Durable Goods in the United States were supposed to bring… Read more

Fed Hike December

The latest event of the year, the much anticipated Federal Reserve of the United States FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) meeting is finally behind us and, as promised, the Fed raised the rates. It was not a big hike, a quarter of a basis point, but according to the Chairwoman, Mrs. Yellen, next year if… Read more

Tradorax Withdrawal

If you have searched for Tradorax withdrawal article it means that you are satisfied with this binary broker. Tradorax is sophisticated binary broker that is one of the traders favorite brokers on Binary Options Robot platform. Tradorax uses TechFinancials platform which is user friendly and trading services are nicely integrated in the website. Traders who… Read more