BREXIT Not Impossible Anymore

BREXIT Not Impossible Anymore

This week started with a bang in the sense that the Mayor of London during the weekend said that he supports the BREXIT camp. It was such a shock for markets as the GBP opened lower across the board with gaps being present on all currency pairs. Needless to say that the volatility continued into… Read more

Buy Calls on USD against Funding Currencies

We expect a further improvement in risk sentiment, which should lead to an increase in the US dollar against competitors such as the euro, the yen and the franc. During the last week, US economic data have been strong. Labor market indicators and demand in the domestic market showed resilience. Nevertheless, the Fed in the… Read more

UK EU Membership Questioned

It is no secret now that the UK wants to obtain a better deal out of their UK membership as Cameron promised a referendum on the subject as early as this year and judging by the polls the outcome is quite uncertain.  The same uncertainty is surrounding the effects of a so-called Brexit in the… Read more

Abe’s Criticism Made the US Dollar Rise

Verbal attack, carried out by the Japanese authorities for the protection of the competitiveness of its economy, begins to bear fruit, creating a common basis for the US dollar correction – in addition to a technical correction on the yen, which is grown in the range of 10 figures so all seemed overly stretched in… Read more

Binary Options Robot South Africa

We have noticed that many of traders come from South Africa. Because of this, we have decided to dedicate this article to all traders that are coming from this area and provide information about Binary Options Robot. This software can actually auto trade binary options and score extremely profitable trading results. It is available around… Read more