GBP Dominated the Week

GBP Dominated the Week

This week was dominated by GBP as all pound pairs moved aggressively on the back of sterling volatility rising ahead of June Brexit vote. While there is still plenty of time until June, market is trying to already position for the outcome of the vote and trust us, there is going to be a lot of volatility… Read more

US Dollar Has Good Chance to Grow

Current downward dynamics of the US dollar fades. The catalyst for the resumption of the US currency growth will become either positive economic data confirming the need to tighten monetary policy this year or the desire of other central banks to stop the strengthening of their currencies. In the short term, this theme can influence… Read more

Central Banks in Focus

Last week it was the ECB (European Central Bank) turn to move markets as the Thursday meeting indeed was one of a kind, in the sense that the central bank eased and markets reacted exactly in the opposite way. This week it was Federal Reserve of the United States (Fed) on Wednesday who was supposed… Read more