EUR Increased as ECB Surprised Traders

EUR Increased as ECB Surprised Traders

ECB first pulled off the deposit rate into negative territory since June 2014. On Thursday, the central bank again ahead of economists’ expectations lowered the rate on the deposit and lending rate by increasing the amount of the monthly asset purchases from 60 to 80 billion euros and included corporate bonds to QE program –… Read more

Draghi Rocked Markets

This week can be summarized to only one event: the European Central Bank (ECB) interest rate decision and press conference on Thursday. The central bank cut the rates further into the negative territory, all the way to -0.4% and announce other measures too, destined to ease the monetary conditions more. Normally, on such a stimulus package,… Read more

Positive US Data Did Not Support USD

The US dollar strengthened seriously against European currencies after the release of data on the number of jobs outside agriculture in the US, but the increase was only temporary as the demand for the euro near some strong support levels resumed again. According to the Labor Department, the rate of increase in the number of… Read more