Trade4me Review

Trade4me Review

We have been already mentioning social trading has a big potential and growing among traders all over the world. Social trading has become an advanced version of automated binary trading. Developers have worked long to create a successful way to gather traders from around the globe, include binary options and provide the user-friendly trading platform…. Read more

USD Driven Week Ended

A week that was dominated by US dollar strength just ended and it is very interesting to see what the next move in the dollar index will be. The week started virtually with a consolidation on all major pairs as EURUSD, AUDUSD and GBPUSD traded in small ranges all the way until Thursday. The only… Read more

USD Short-Term Trend Has Changed

We expect that in the next few weeks, the US dollar is capable of upward correction against the background of deteriorating global risk sentiment. From a technical point of view, we can also observe the formation of the key signals of a reversal that supports our bullish view of the short-term prospects of the US… Read more

eToro Review

eToro is the most popular social trading platform on the market. This popular platform has over 4.5 million traders in more than 170 countries. This interesting company is the leader in providing social trading and it has built a strong trading community for millions of traders. Social trading is the latest popular version of binary… Read more

What Is Binary Options Social Trading?

Binary Options Have Evolved Binary options have evolved during last few years. In early stages, trading was very complex and available only to big institutional individuals. After US Securities and Exchange Commission has approved exchange trading in 2007, binary options have expanded rapidly. Today we can see many variations of binary options and its popularity… Read more