Binary Options Robot Review 2016
Srdan Sore
Binary Options Robot is trading software that is used for automated trading with binary options. Customers select preferred assets and activate auto-trade option to carry on trade in accordance to preset rules. Traders are given choice to choose more brokers and assets of their choice after making a deposit. Investors can choose mobile devices to... Read more
Binary Options Robot is trading software that is used for automated trading with binary options. Customers select preferred assets and activate auto-trade option to carry on trade in accordance to preset rules. Traders are given choice to choose more brokers and assets of their choice after making a deposit. Investors can choose mobile devices to use fully automated software from anywhere. It is interesting that Binary Options Robot trading software does not demand advanced technology, experience in the field and in-depth information about binary options from customers. Binary Options Robot showed that this software depends on trading binary signals, generated by mathematical algorithms. Robot trades like a human and waits for best opportunities on the market to get a maximum turnover. Traders need to be logged into their account so the Robot could trade. That way, no unexpected trades can happen and trader can follow all the trades in real time. Due to automated feature, Binary Options Robot keeps on trading whenever signals are in favor of the profitable trade. What Are Binary Options? Binary options are the type of agreements that follow pre-defined conditions and offer fixed revenue after a particular time limit. In simple words, binary options are like financial instruments that are used by the trader to earn a profit. When binary options are purchased, customers are given chance to select expiry time period and get an idea of revenue in advance that will be added to account if prediction would prove true. Traders are well-informed before the start of trade how much they can earn or the money they can lose. It helps beginners to invest an amount with minimum chances to lose. Strike Price is actually the trading instrument rate at the time of purchase. Example: For instance, a trader has observed binary signals and predicted that currency pair EUR/USD value will fall. Right now, the trading value of this pair is 1.1100. The trader selects an amount of $100 on EUR/USD currency pair with PUT option for 24 hours time period. Broker announces 80% premium on this contract. Just suppose that currency pair EUR/USD has decreased to an extent 1.1050. Consequently, the broker will pay the invested amount to the trader that is $100 along with 80% premium. In short, the trader will get $180 as a total payout from this trade. Trading Options In order to invest funds in binary options, traders are given to choose from two options. These are known as: Call Put When trader expects that price of a certain asset will increase, he is required to choose “Call” option. On the other hand, “Put” option is selected when the decline in an asset’s value is expected. Apart from Put and Call options, there are some other trading options as well. One Touch Option and Range option work on the same principle. Traders need to bet on the certain price level. A yield of Range and One Touch options is greater than Put/Call binary options. Example: For instance, clients have predicted that Apple Stock will increase the whole day and will touch the figure $110, whereas the current value of Apple Stock is $105. When One Touch Option is chosen, client invests on stock Apple and hangs around the whole day to get some profit. In case, the price of Apple Stock goes as high as $110, the trader will get the bonus. Automated Trading Obviously, most of the clients do not have enough time to view current market trends and invest their funds in different binary options. For those clients, automated trading is the perfect opportunity. The advantage of Binary Options Robot can trade without any interference of human beings. Traders just have to define trading limits, the risk of loss and number of trades. Binary Options Robot follows the preset strategies. Automated trading depends on binary signals that are created by mathematical algorithms who calculate the values of assets and their tendency to rise or fall. Binary Options Robot is not distracted by psychological factors and it has a potential to work 24/7 without getting tired. Unlike human beings, Robot can focus attention on binary signals and concentrate fully on trading strategies. There is no chance of missing a signal when trade is in hands of Binary Options Robot. In Binary Options Robot review we have noticed that different events affect on the market and make previous strategies ineffective therefore algorithms generate new binary signals to cope with the current market situation. Algorithms always give value to different trading strategies and select the right approach, depending on the unstable state of the market. When traders use similar auto trading systems, they prefer to use binary options trading as the second source of income, therefore, they do not find enough time to activate each trade manually. Moreover, there is an increasing number of traders, who are beginners in binary options industry and don’t have experience with market trends. Binary Options Robot uses algorithms that evaluate the market, determine candlestick patterns and use different indicators to win the trades. Binary Options Robot’s main focus is to obtain completely automated trading, increase profit and reduce chances of loss. As Robot analyzes the market trends and trades itself, therefore, traders do not need to get in-depth knowledge before selecting binary options. Binary Options Robot review shows that Robot offers only recommended brokers to its traders. It means that traders can trade carelessly without fear about broker’s background. In Binary Options Robot review we have found that traders can look up trading History from the menu on Binary Options Robot dashboard so they monitor and evaluate their trading results. Use of automated Binary Options Robot does not demand software installation. Binary Options Robot website provides news articles about financial markets and guides about trading functions of Robot. In our Binary Options Robot review, we have set Robot to trade automatically and detected that it trades 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The Robot works when financial international markets are opened and follows the preset preferences defined by customers. The Robot is acknowledged as unbeatable automated binary options trading service and has won many awards for great performance. Smartphone Compatibility Feature Binary Options Robot review revealed that Robot can be used for various mobile devices, such as all Androids and iPhones. Traders can also use laptops or tablets for trading with Binary Options Robot. The customers need availability of internet connection only when they are setting up their trading settings and also when Robot is auto trading. Traders also need to keep Active trading button ON and have at least one strategy, expiry time and asset turned ON for Robot to be able to trade. Generation of Binary Signals To continue auto trading, Binary Options Robot software implements binary signals that are generated throughout financial methods, mostly fundamental and technical analysis. Binary Options Robot review found that Robot provides mathematical algorithms which send binary signals to Robot. Free Registration with Binary Options Robot To make our research about Robot more accurate, we have registered an account in our Binary Options Robot review. We have found out that traders have to provide information such as Name, Surname, Email, telephone number , but they don't need to pay for trading with Robot. This information is provided only at the time of registration. When a trader registers with Binary Options Robot, he will be provided with a binary broker that is available in his country. This simplifies the process of registering with a broker for the first time. Our Binary Options Robot review showed that traders are free to choose more brokers later. Always keep in mind that Robot trades with best brokers on the market. Binary Options Robot Brokers Our Binary Options Robot review researched the list of finest brokers that are available with the Robot. Binary Options Robot has a potential to give best services with any of the selected brokers; however, the software proposes brokers that are suitable for the traders and belong to the country from where the user has signed in. The majority of brokers at Binary Options Robot are regulated by financial government agencies such CySEC.  To avoid any scam activity, certified brokers keep the funds of each investor in separate bank account whereas third parties are not allowed to use the funds. Relation Between Binary Options Robot & Binary Options Brokers Developers of Binary Options Robot have given surety that Robot recommends highly dependable brokers available on the trading market. Services of recommended brokers are being tested before adding the names of reliable brokers in automated Robot list. Here is the list of reliable binary options brokers that offer up to the mark services to customers: Banc De Binary Option Stars SwiftOption Option.FM B4Binary Bloombex Options Plus Option OptionBit Binary Options Robot gives the opportunity to choose multiple brokers at the same time. Multiple brokers’ strategy is being followed by traders who desire to diversify risks and also it increases the opportunity for higher profits. Trading Options We have researched Robot’s trading options in order to update Binary Options Robot review with all important facts. In order to customize binary options trading, Robot offers a wide range of trading options. Some of these options are as follows: Active Trading Option Active trading enables traders to define when the Robot will start auto trading with a certain broker. When traders select preferred trading features, Robot trades according to its settings. Daily Stop Loss Option Daily Stop Loss option gives a possibility to limit the loss by selecting a particular amount to trade on daily basis. Traders make a decision about the amount they can lose within a day. Traders can enter whichever stop loss amount they want. Maximum Daily Trades Maximum trade option is triggered in order to mention the number of trades per day. Consequently, the Robot will open predefined number of positions for each trading day. Traders are able to keep the trading within the limit to minimize the chances of risk. In Binary Options Robot review we have found this feature very useful for traders who don’t have much trading experience. Accessible Assets Available on Binary Options Robot There are a lot of assets that are available with Binary Options Robot. It depends on a trader if he will choose currency pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, or commodities like Gold and Oil, and Stocks such as S&P 500, Dow Jones or indices that are also included in the list. To diversify the chances of risks, traders are allowed to choose over 50 trading assets for trading with Robot. USD/JPY and EU/USD are known as the highly recommended assets among all currency pairs. There are many analytical reviews and articles about these currency pairs that will help to understand their importance. The values of asset indexes rise or fall due to various factors such as political issues or corporate reporting. Trading Amount Option By selecting this feature, traders get an opportunity to define the amount per trade, according to every asset group. For instance, a trader can define to invest $100 with currencies, Binary Options Robot will invest only $100 to place trades with currencies. Traders can select Trade amount for each type of asset: Currencies, Commodities or Stocks. Binary Options Robot VIP Account Membership In our Binary Options Robot review, we have also used Binary Options Robot VIP account. As the name signifies, VIP account allows more profitable trading features. VIP traders can define which strategy they want Robot to use, expiry time and level of risk for auto trading. Traders are free to choose the low, medium or moderate level of risk. For instance, when the moderate level is selected, Binary Options Robot will use signals which are more secure, but there will be a lower number of auto trades and profits will decrease. Every trader is able to define which strategy he wants to trade with. There are four optional strategies: Wise Growth Strategy Perfect Pitch Method High Yield Systems Capital Gain Cue Latest VIP feature gives the possibility to mention the expiry time period from given options: daily and 60 seconds. Those are both short term trading options and are activated for traders that wish to trade on a shorter basis. 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